Men love to hear these 8 things while having sex

While having sex, it’s important for both the partners to enjoy lovemaking equally. However, a lot of time a man’s needs might be neglected when he tries his best to satisfy his partner in bed. While the man is working hard to please his partner, it is also the responsibility of the woman to make him feel out of this world too. Though men orgasm (ejaculate) even if they have a plain act of sex i.e., without any emotions involved, they still need to feel the excitement. Here are a few things that men like to hear when they make love:

You are sexy

Men generally do not get complimented for being ‘sexy’ and hence this will increase their self-confidence and make them perform better.
You are so big and clean’ Men definitely want to feel proud of their package and your assurance can do wonders to their morale. Like most women, men too are conscious about revealing their package for the first time and your compliment can just hit the right notes, literally!

I’m all yours

This clearly conveys that they can be the master in bed and do anything they like to you. Does anything excite men more than having the complete power in bed? No. They will perform their best and the advantage is all yours, ladies.

You can make me orgasm

Wow, this is the perfect thing men would love to hear while having sex with you. They want to hit the record to make you climax, after all, a woman’s orgasm is the biggest treasure one can unravel in bed. Be straight, bold and clear and see how your boy would love to perform his best every time.
‘This was the best sex I have ever had’
That is a trophy statement! Reward your guy by telling him that you had great sex and that he made you experience something special. Ladies, do not forget that all the efforts that a guy is making are only to give you pleasure, they owe you a compliment.

You are best at giving me oral

It is a point that can give a high to a lot of men. They love to please you in bed in all possible ways and want assurance from you if they are doing it right. Keep telling them what more they can do and if what they are doing is good enough. The best part about men is that they do not think much, they just perform.

I want more

If you like, tell it out loud. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a woman crave for more sex because you have been good at it!

Can I give you a blowjob

It is like a dream come true for men to just lie down and enjoy the sight of a woman work on their love shaft. It is the best way you either reward them after the sexual act or charge them for passionate sex.